Two lads named Steve Wozniak (21years old) and Steve Jobs (16 years old) said goodbye to the boring education. Both had ambition to succeed in technology. One old garage was used as laboratory and within six months made “Eureka” of world changing device. The device was Apple-1: the first personal computer of the world. Steve is no more between us. Let’s take a look at his timeline:

First ancestor of today’s personal computer:

      Like a first ancestor of today’s personal computer, Apple-1 had processor power of only 1 MHz. RAM of 4KB and tiny display could accommodate 24 lines and each line had words no more than 40. Even though if you ask the price of computer, it was whopping $666! But even though it was a costly affair, many Apple-1 were sold because computers at that time were of mammoth size. It was not possible to keep them in homes. In this scenario, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs crammed the big computers and so Apple-1 became the star of the America overnight! When both of them developed ‘powerful’ Apple-2 having colour display next year, IBM dived in the business of personal computer and topped the computer market. Steve and Wozniak founded Apple Company and began to develop PCs more powerful than IBM!

Contribution of Steve Jobs in the field of technology:

After the great success of Apple-2 in 1977, Steve gave revolutionary devices to the world. Let’s take a glimpse at the list:

1983: Text command was required to operate the first generation of computers. In 1983, Steve developed computer named Lisa armed with mouse. Operator could command the computer using graphical interface with mouse. Today command to computer can be given through graphical interface and mouse and for that we are highly obliged to Steve!

1984: Lisa could not succeed because of high cost so next year, Steve developed PC under the label of Macintosh which was less expensive but more powerful than Lisa having different operating system.

1989: Jobs and Wozniak resigned from the Apple Company. Jobs founded his own company and developed computer named NeXT that would led to the concept of Computer Networking in future.

1996: Apple made a loss of $188 million and Steve was called back. After one and half year, Steve developed brand new design of Macintosh under the name of iMac. Processor was incorporated in monitor that led to decrease in size. Because of massive sale of iMac in 1998, Apple recovered from loss and began to profit.

2001: Steve developed miniature iPod and final countdown started for the personal music system Walkman. iPod could store more than 1000 songs.

2003-04: Apple created online music store named iTunes. 200,000 songs-music were available for music lovers in the store. Steve was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer and in the same year, he took long medical leave.

2007: Steve revolutionised the mobile world bringing iPhone-changing the definition of mobile. Steve was first technocrat adding many features like coloured graphics, touch screen, motion sensors in mobile phone.

2010: After liver transplant in 2009, Jobs joined the work again and brought iPad known as miniature laptop.

2011: Jobs resigned as Apple chairperson in August after announcing new version of iPhone. Jobs left us and began eternal journey on 5th October before official release of this high-tech gadget!